Boston College well represented at 2012 Lonergan on the Edge conference

Nov 21, 2012     Posted under: Conferences

Boston College, through its current and former Lonergan masters degree (MA) fellows and graduate students, was well represented at this year’s Lonergan on the Edge conference at Marquette University in September:

  •  “Words in the Flesh: Lonergan, Merleau-Ponty, and the Philosophy of Language” Stephanie Rumpza (current MA fellow)
  •  “On Lonergan’s Institutions and Althusser’s State Apparatuses” Theo Manahan (current MA fellow)
  • “The Preferential Option for the Poor and the Disinterested Desire to Know” Timothy Hanchin (current Theology doctoral student)
  •  “Staying in Love with God: Resolving an Ambiguity Concerning Grace as Cooperative” Nicholas DiSalvatore (current Theology doctoral student)
  •  “Simmel and Lonergan on Transcendence” Burke Thompson (former Lonergan MA fellow and current BC employee)
  •  “Lonergan and Social Constructionism” Damian Cleary (former MA fellow and current BC employee)
  •  “The Lonerganian Supernatural Existential?: The Offer of Being-in-Love Unrestrictedly as Grace” Brian Himes (former MA fellow, featured in photo)
  •  “From Practical Reason to Natural Law: A Lonergan-Rhonheimer Dialectic” Ryan Miller (former MA fellow)
  •  “The Politics of Univocity and Analogy” Clayton Shoppa (former MA fellow)

 Additionally, Boston College Theology Professor M. Shawn Copeland participated in the panel, “Lonergan and Black Theology.”


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