2012 – 2013 Lonergan Post-doc Scholars in Residence

The following scholars joined the Boston College community as Lonergan post-doctoral fellows this year.

Gill K. Goulding, C.J., L.H.S., B.A., M.TH, S.T.L., Ph.D. (spring semester only)

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“I will be exploring Trinitarian complementarities in the work of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Bernard Lonergan for an article, and Ignatian insights for a renewed ecclesiology for a monograph.”

Russ McDougall, CSC

“Using Lonergan’s account of the learning process as articulated especially in Insight, I’m trying to explore how narrative in general, and biblical narrative in particular, functions as part of the learning process.  Narrative, I would argue, works heuristically, helping those who enter it to discover something for themselves.”

Jean Ponder Soto, Ph.D. (fall semester only)

“My project is investigating the best methods for using social media for ministry. Most online searches are for religious sites!  What can we offer to the seekers?”

Donna Perry, Ph.D.

“The focus of my Lonergan Fellowship is to utilize elements of Lonergan’s work in the emerging field of peace through health, specifically to advance understanding of how health care providers can address root issues that influence violent conflict such as social justice and human rights.”

John Volk, Ph.D.

“My project involves developing a manuscript on the soteriology of Bernard Lonergan, taking as a starting point my recent dissertation which interpreted Lonergan’s unpublished manuscript De Redemptione.  I hope to address certain theological implications of his soteriology, for instance in the area of pneumatology and in the emerging area of social grace.”

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