Former Masters Degree Fellows in Lonergan Studies comment on the fellowship


“What I received from my Lonergan Fellowship was much more than just a scholarship: I encountered fellow students reaching up to the mind of a genius, and was caught up in his incarnate authenticity. Come along. Take a right at the top of the stone steps in Bapst. Say hello, and sit down at the table where dissertations are written, glance at the eponymous portrait on the wall which often seems to wink, and be yourself.” Brian Himes (pictured) brian himes grad resized and cropped

“The MA fellowship gave me not only the incentive I finally needed to study Lonergan, but it also placed me amidst a dedicated group of people equally committed to delving into Lonergan’s thought.  If you have any interest in studying Lonergan, the MA fellowship will provide you with the community needed to draw the most from your studies.” Max Bindernagel

“The Lonergan Fellowship was not just an opportunity to study a fascinating thinker, but also provided a connection of likeminded intellectuals within the College. Whether we were discussing Lonergan or other thinkers, the community it built allowed for greater understanding and sense of purpose, which is often difficult to come by in the currently fractured world of academia. I am especially grateful for the support both financial and academic.” Damian Cleary

“The best thing about the Lonergan fellowship was the community of people!  I met most of my closest BC friends through the Lonergan Center, and my grad school experience would have been much more shallow, I think, without them.  It seemed as though everyone’s shared interest in Lonergan, despite our differing actual levels of knowledge about him, provided a starting point for a relationship; kind of a mutual recognition that we cared about learning, about seeing the world in a certain way, etc. — so I felt like I knew the Lonerganian crew at a deeper level without having to first go through the superficial smalltalk.” Monica Olsson (pictured)








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