Who Are You? How Do You Know?

In the 1970s and 80s, it was called “consciousness-raising.” The 1990s brought us the power of the…

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Review: The Fragility of Consciousness

This review of Fred Lawrence’s book The Fragility of Consciousness: Faith, Reason, and the Human…

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What Does It Really Mean to Enter a Flow State?

When I was growing up, my father told me that U.S. Secret Service agents in charge of hunting down…

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mental block

You Might Be Blocking Your Full Mental Potential

In a previous post, I explored how learning optimization consultant Josh Waitzkin trains his…

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The Most Daunting Educational Reform in Human History Is Happening Now

Europe is the source of the modern university, and the European Union (EU) is currently in a…

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Integrative Medicine Asks: What Is a Whole Person?

With the rise of fake news, "alternative facts," and compromised truth, how do we sift through the…

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Does AI Compare to Human Intelligence?

For several decades now, I have known that the experience of understanding—of achieving insight, as…

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Paying Attention to Your Body Is the Key to Mental Performance

In my previous post, I suggested that Josh Waitzkin’s techniques for optimized mental performance…

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