“Information Technology, Spirit, and African Culture” conference highlights

The Boston College Lonergan Institute sponsored a conference entitled “Information Technology, Spirit, and African Culture” on Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th at Boston College.

We were fortunate to have an engaging group of scholars come together to discuss the ways that developments in information technology are impacting and being shaped in Africa.  The genesis of the conference was a set of questions that originally came to us from our Jesuit colleague, Evaristus Ekuweme, who is based in Zimbabwe at Arrupe College.  Evaristus was interested in exploring how understandings of communications and technology are moving forward in the African information technology world and how Lonergan’s thought can illuminate short and long cycles of progress and decline in local and global contexts.  Four Boston College professors were joined by scholars from as far away as Cameroon, Ghana, and Germany and as close by as MIT.

The conference talks covered a broad range of topics, from the use of social media in emerging political movements to issues pertaining to IT infrastructure in the developing world.

Some pictures from the two-day event follow.

Southern University and A&M College’s Victor Mbarika giving his talk, “Leveraging Non-Complex Educational Technologies for Teaching, Research, and Learning for Africa’s Higher Education Institutions.”


Evaristus Ekwueme, SJ of Arrupe College lecturing on “Lonergan’s Good of Order, ICT, and Political Development in Africa.”


Author Agbome Salome Nangah giving her talk, “Are ICTs Changing Africa’s Political Landscape?  Case of the Anglophone Cameroon Crisis 2017.”


Adejire Bademosi telling us about “Shifting Perceptions and Igniting Connection.”


Boston College Carroll School of Management Professors Elizabeth (Betty) Bagnani and John Gallaugher during their panel discussion, “TechTrek Ghana: Learning from an Undergraduate Field Study Course.”


Mavis Ampah, CEO, STINSTAD Consult, Ghana, during her talk, “The Impact of Culture on Innovation and Technology Adoption in Africa.”