Lonergan on the Edge 2018: Call for Papers

A note from the organizers of this year’s Lonergan on the Edge graduate student conference at Marquette University follows.  Click here to download a pdf file of the Call for Papers.

Dear fellow theology graduate students,
You are invited to submit a paper proposal for the 2018 Lonergan on the Edge graduate student conference, to take place September 21-22 at Marquette University.  This year’s theme is “The Problem of Liberation,” and we are open to a wide interpretation of the theme, as well as other Bernard Lonergan-related submissions.  Abstracts are due July 31, 2018.
Have a liberation-focused paper or idea, but don’t know this Lonergan guy?  Contact us at lonergansociety@gmail.com, and we can offer some suggestions for Lonergan readings that would make a fruitful dialogue partner.  One goal of the Lonergan on the Edge conference is to encourage graduate students to explore how Bernard Lonergan’s work might enhance their own projects, demonstrating that “Lonergan…he’s not just for Lonerganians anymore.”
Please see the attached CFP for more details.
Best regards,
The Lonergan Society at Marquette University