New book on Lonergan, conversion, and cinema

Pickwick Publications has just published Conversion as Transformation: Lonergan, Mentors and Cinema by Dominic Arcamone, MTh, MA DMin, PhD.

From the author: “Conversion as Transformation: Lonergan, Mentors and Cinema.” The book’s purpose is to open a conversation and provide a framework for human transformation toward authenticity which is so much needed in today’s political and social climate. The insights of Lonergan have been made accessible so that this work might be able to be used by preachers, catechists and people involved in adult education. I hope that people especially Catholics and other Christians seeking to explore more deeply their journey of faith and communal living  will  appreciate Lonergan and his lasting contribution to Christian thought.”

Dr. Arcamone is a retired mission manager in the healthcare field and taught theology at Australian Catholic University.  He published Religion and Violence (Pickwick Publications) in 2015.