At the Threshold of the Halfway House: Bernard Lonergan’s Encounter with John Alexander Stewart

“Morelli, detective fashion, does an immense amount of research on Stewart, a virtually forgotten figure in contemporary philosophy. It was Lonergan‟s genius to find in this Oxford don‟s writings an anticipation of his own mature philosophy.” “Morelli’s account is a dramatic narrative of the idealist currents that descended upon Oxford in the late-19th century, their rejection by various empiricist and “realist” movements, the dawning influence of pragmatism and Stewart‟s position in the midst of it all. Anyone who wants to learn something of the history of philosophical currents in England would do well to read this book.” Richard Liddy, Seaton Hall University, in Theological Studies. “. . . A magnificent book . . . It deals with a key piece of Lonergan’s biography. There are seeds there for a subtle lift of our perspective, however refined it has grown . . . Morelli makes a solid case that the meeting was a significant lift in the life of Lonergan.” Phillip McShane

Title At the Threshold of the Halfway House: Bernard Lonergan's Encounter with John Alexander StewartAuthorMark D. MorelliPublisherBoston College Lonergan Institute